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LURE: Talon Base Avatar

Product contains:
1. Skin
2. Tattoo
3. Tattooed skin
4. Lekku (mesh)
5. Shape
6. Notecards


• Appliers for Omega, Slink, Bellezza, TMP, Maitreya, and Lekku
• Versions with and without eyebrows
• A regular version of skin
• “Blended” version of regular skin which works better with the included Lekku equipped
• System skin

2 thoughts on “LURE: Talon Base Avatar

  1. Do you think you will ever sell just the lekku? I have very little interest in the skin and tattoos for this but I am more interested in the lekku, especially since there is a developers kit for it. I would think you would get more sales if you had the option to buy just those.

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