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Second Life Statistics: Male Body

It is time to look in-depth at Male Bodies. With over 10k people scanned we have some concrete data that shouldn’t diverge too much from the total population. Let’s get right into it!

Signature1245 (41.8%)
Belleza539 (18.1%)
Legacy526 (17.7%)
Aesthetic253 (8.5%)
none170 (5.7%)
TMP138 (4.6%)
Slink104 (3.5%)

On the first glance it looks like the male body market is healthier than the female counterpart, with a more even distribution of market share instead of any one body having more than half the market. From what we had seen during our scanning, female avatars outnumber the male by 3:1 ratio, which gives us insight into the overall lower support for male apparel.


1245 (41.8%)
The male body of choice, which does everything right. Quality body, simple to use store, being user friendly when it comes to HUD and BoM, and plenty of support since it was one of early male mesh bodies. Sprinkle in some sales, frequent news, giveaway, and updates, and you have one of best maintained bodies on the market. For 3999L$ it might seem expensive, but the competitors fall into the similar same price range, and the sales make up for it.

Breakdown: 1180 Gianni, 65 Geralt

They should make sure people don’t accidentally buy Geralt when they meant to buy Gianni, as it is much more supported. Also it is a bit surprising that their female body didn’t take off, I’ll have to try it out myself.


539 (18.1%)
The first male mesh body released along with Slink, except that it completely claimed the market for itself the moment it was released due to quality of the mesh and the more muscular appearance. It seems like Belleza learned after their triple-release of female mesh body, as Jake has been a single release that does many things right. Still it lacks a BoM update, the last update being in 2019 (and 2018 for female bodies). Needs to support LeLutka with a proper neckfix instead of ignoring the best selling mesh head brand for so long, native BoM support, and probably some HUD updates to get up there. It costs 2999L$, which is slightly less than Gianni when it’s not on sale.


526 (17.7%)
High definition and perfectionist king that has been released recently. The HUD can be a bit annoying when it doesn’t connect. And while it’s expensive at 5000L$, there have been event sales to bring it down to a more reasonable price. There are two variants, but sadly we haven’t separated them so they all got merged into one. As long as they don’t underwhelm with one variant and lose support, Legacy male body is here to stay for a long time.


253 (8.5%)
Aesthetic is certainly tailored towards a specific look, unlike the other bodies. Resulting in less overall support for it, but as the name says it fills a certain Aesthetic and remains popular for those seeking it. Paired up with their heads, you are good to go quickly. For 2799L$ it comes out as the cheapest body, and you get a mesh head included. Cosmetic and skin stores are familiar that Aesthetic uses a custom UV map, pretty much removing any support save for those few stores that.

What is important to note that Niramyth, creator of Aesthetic, is working on a brand new body from a scratch that will support SL UV map and therefore BoM. Expect to see a new body contestant in 2021 or 2022, as they have plenty of experience creating mesh avatars, as evident from their huge portfolio of fantasy creatures.


There are 170 (5.7%) users without a recognized mesh body. With male outfits usually being more covering, it is more likely that the body is often detached. This category also includes mesh bodies that aren’t detected correctly, either due to lag or due to the mesh body not being registered in the scanner itself.

Surprisingly we have noticed that some people are still not using any kind of mesh body. Some do use mesh hands or feet, but we didn’t mark those as wearing a full mesh body, so they fall into this category.

If there is some notable brand missing, please let me know in the comments! We’ll try to include everyone.


138 (4.6%): Classic 112, Deluxe 21, Free 5
The old discontinued king, it was put on sale and had free variants given away. The arms were different than any other mesh body which posed difficulty to developers supporting it, and its server-side installers were a nightmare of boredom to work with. Still there are plenty of clothes supporting it from the old days when it was still widely supported. It never left beta and instead the team ended up creating Legacy.


104 (3.5%)
Among the first male bodies to be released, with the support fading away after being pushed down by so many other high quality bodies. It is on the softer side and well optimized, but it doesn’t have much else going on for it.

Similar things prevent it from taking off properly just like its female counterpart. The difficulty of navigating the mainstore, body hands and feet being sold separately and bulking up the price, the clunky HUD that is still not fully unified.

That’s all folks!

Thanks to Mr. Gloom for expert input! There isn’t an ‘Other’ category as we barely found any usages of other bodies (only 1 male usage of a unisex body). See you all soon for a look at mesh heads!

If you haven’t checked out our Female Body breakdown you can find it here!

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