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Second Life: Male Head statistics

After the Skin Fair is finished I can finally publish the last post regarding our mesh body and head statistics! The new statistics will probably come in 4-6 months so we can track how the market changes and gather more results with better precision These results were gathered in start of February 2021, and I am sure Skin Fair has changed the landscape after several big releases from these creators. Meanwhile Catwa released 1L$ HD PRO heads that crashed the Marketplace and got a thanks from LL since that helped them figure out how to optimize the website better. Genus released their first male head during Skin Fair, and pretty much everyone had something new and pretty!

male head statistics
LeLutka1177 (40.5%)
Catwa1168 (40.2%)
none312 (10.7%)
aesthetic100 (3.4%)
GA.EG78 (2.7%)
Logo43 (1.5%)
akeruka17 (0.6%)
Vista8 (0.3%)

Smaller competition, and only with 2 giants due to the lack of male Genus head, leaving everyone else taking a single slice of the pie.

Utilizator isn’t shown as we labelled most of their combinations of body and head as female, there have been only 4 with confirmed male combination but that makes it 0.1%.


1177 (40.5%)
With no competition from Genus at the time of writing, and lack of Catwa HDPRO for males, LeLutka took the male head market by a storm since around Black Friday in 2020. Getting the largest cut of market they entered less than half a year ago. Doing everything right, it is hard to say anything about the head except that they are amazing. Sold for 3990L$ without any discount events. Genus released male head during Skin Fair, and I am curious to see how the market adjusts to their new presence as their heads seem to be going for around 3300L$.


1168 (40.2%)
The lead of mesh heads until the re-appearance of LeLutka recently, Catwa has been the golden standard for years now. With HDPRO male heads only having released after we gathered our results. The 1L$ promo on female heads certainly gathered them enough interest, yet the full price is 5900L$ which seems costly considering the alternatives.


312 (10.7%)
Generally male avatars seem to wear less mesh heads compared to female ones. With the market aimed mostly at women we believe that there are less unregistered heads for men. But there are always some that we miss, so in the future this number will more precisely reflect who is truly not wearing a head, and who has a head we cannot register. The female head ‘none’ equals to 9%.


100 (3.4%)
All of the Aesthetic head users are wearing an Aesthetic body, showing us that the heads don’t really fit any other body due to its unique… aesthetics. The creator seems to be working on a new body, so I am curious to see what will come out of that. Their bodies however seem more fitting on other heads, as evident by the higher body count, which is 253. Yet you get both head and body in the package, so it is hardly seen as completely separate.


Everyone else seems to have less than 3% of the market, making a huge jump from the top brands to the less popular ones, with only Aesthetic slightly ahead. I haven’t tried most of them since I primarily wear female avatars, so this section will be a bit shorter than usual. You should definitely try some of them and see if they fit you better!


78 (2.7%)
GA.EG is still active, with heads going for 2500L$-3000L$ and already releasing BoM focused heads. Apparently more popular with men than women, percentage wise at least.


43 (1.5%)
LOGO has tiny slices but still constant releases and updates. Slightly more popular among men than women, with heads going for around 3500L$ and the current head on a deal being 1295L$


17 (0.6%)
Akeruka seems to have a lower share of male head market compared to female one, with heads going for 2900L$ or 3900L$. Still they seem keen on updating and upgrading their heads.


8 (0.3%)
I am a bit surprised Vista is this low on the chart considering how popular of an Animation creator they are. But with only a couple of releases and their primary focus being elsewhere I am not too surprised. Curious to see if they will keep creating and trying to get into the market of heads or switch fully onto animations.

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