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A new chapter

After 14 years of Second Life it is time I share my thoughts and experiences of this beautiful virtual world with you.

And if you by some chance don’t know who I am and stumbled upon this site by accident, welcome! You can find me on Second Life as Nethya Emor, skin creator of Lure, and an avid roleplayer, among other things.

For a while now I wondered how to bring my opinions and a discussion around a topic. Years of thoughts, rarely expressed save for my circle of friends and my partner. After debating different platforms, I have finally decided to expand my website since it hasn’t gotten much use. Save for my FAQ of course.

So instead of being used only for my store, Lure, I will also be posting my own Second Life articles about the topics I am interested in!

Which topics will I be discussing?

Future of Second Life, hardware for using it, technology articles, roleplay related topics, design, helpful guides, and more!

…pretty much what my interests in general, just centered around Second Life.

Hopefully the site will grow well so I can bring in other people to hear their thoughts as well!

I’ll be writing articles on mesh bodies and heads next week. Starting with a proper objective ‘survey’ of Second Life population to see what are people actually wearing!

For now thank you for checking out this little post, and see you around!

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